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Wedding photo booth hire

Wedding photo booth hireJack’s photo booth wedding packages are a brilliant way of adding another way of recording and remembering your special day.

With each wedding photo booth we supply a basket of fun and entertaining props that your guests can use for their photos. There are also some brilliant His & Hers props that can be used.

At Jack’s, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most special you will experience. This is why we make sure that not only is the booth of the highest quality, but that all the additional parts to the hire are offered to the highest quality as well. It is the booth experience you are hiring not just the photo booth.

Our staff have supplied to many weddings of varying sizes – this allows them to have experienced various way of running the booth, meaning they can tailor the hire and the running of the photo booth to fit in seamlessly with your wedding day. We use a brilliant designer to make up our prints with your customisations on – free of charge – which allows you to personalise each photo that is printed in the booth.

A popular addition to the wedding photo booth package is the Guest Book option. This allows one of each photo printed form the booth to be collected in a guest book (we have a selection to choose from) and we get each group of people to leave a signed messaged by their photo. This will then be given to you at the end of the hire as another keepsake from the special day.

Other options for to add to your photo booth hire:

  • Green Screen (have the background of each photo customised to WHATEVER you like)
  • Customised Skins (have a design printed to the outside panels of the booth)
  • Multiple Prints (rather than two prints per group have the option to print one per person – each time)

For any sized wedding the photo booth is a brilliant luxury. It creates a talking point amongst people who may not know each other, it can help keep people entertained whilst room turnarounds are happening or whilst the evening buffet is happening, and it photos your guests in a fun and relaxed environment (and can potentially offer you brilliant photos to blackmail your friends with in the future)!

Happily ever after

For each wedding photo booth hire we have some unique and heartwarming props to use with your loved one in the photo booths.

Guest Book

Opt for our guest book option and have another wonderful way to remember the day.