Photo Mosaic Wall Rentals in the UK

Mosaic Wall hires are a brilliant way to engage with your guests and clients. The idea of the mosaic wall is that photos from your event are coupled with a unique image that you send us before the hire. Over the course of your hire all of these photos are edited through our software and added to your personal mosaic wall. At the end of your hire you will end up with a mosaic of your pre loaded image made up of all the photos.

Photo Sources:

  • Photo Booths/ Magic Mirrors
  • Photographers
  • Social Media

The output of the mosaic can be in a few formats:

  • Live interactive wall
  • Digital wall
  • Post event creation

The brilliance of the mosaic wall hire and its software is that it allows you to customise almost every part of the hire to best fit your individual event. Our team is on hand 24/7 to make sure we tailor each part of the hire allowing you to get the most out of the mosaic wall at your hire.

How it Works

Watch the video below to see how the mosaic wall works

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